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Kirjoittaja Aihe: Growing giant vegetables  (Luettu 1782 kertaa)


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Growing giant vegetables
« : Heinäkuu 23, 2013, 19:53:59 »
Hi l am Iwan Horde from The Netherlands. I only grow pumpkins, squash, long gourds and sunflowers.
Main focus are squash. I did send a bunch of my 626* from last year to Finland, germinating the seeds this spring they turned not that viable as I thought they would be.
Hope you had back ups...
good luck all

gr, Iwan

Hi Iwan  :)
I checked  my growing diary and yes, I had your seed "626 Horde est" this spring  but it did not germinate properly.  The green leaf started to grow from the side of the seed, but there was no root growing. Also the leef stopped growing very soon. Unfortunately I had  no backups :(   After that I tried "946,7 Wursching" and that started to grow properly.  At this point there is still  no pollinated girl-flower in it (I am still waiting the first one to open) , so I don't have much hope on that either :(  This is the first time I ever  try to grow squash, beginning is always hard ?  :-\   Happily my pumpkins are growing better  :)

Is this year looking good for your giant vegetables ?